Angry Caps Drinking Game

Angry Caps Drinking Game

A mobile version of Caps.

Caps, the drinking game where two players or teams throw a beer cap in to a glass. You drink if your opponent makes the shot and you miss. Play caps ANYWHERE, without the mess or broken glasses, using this app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch! Pull back the angry cap using your finger and release to aim at 9 different types of glasses.

● Optional trail of previous shot for aiming
● FOUR shooting distances
● Caps or bouncy Pingpong Ball
● Glasses:
- Whiskey Glass
- Brandy Snifter
- Martini Glass
- High Ball
- Beer Mug
- Cocktail Glass
- Wine Glass
- Shot Glass
- Champagne Flute

Designed for your iPhone 5 and 5th Gen Touch screens.

Drink responsibly!

This app contains completely original artwork and content with the exception of some sound effects from Copyright 2012 Make It So Studios. All rights reserved.

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