Asset Graph It

Asset Graph It

How long will your money last? AssetGraphIt will show you, whether it's a lottery winning, an inheritance, savings, or money inside a retirement savings plan. AssetGraphIt's colorful display lets you vary the amount you will take out each year and other factors, such as your tax rate, and instantly visualize the effect on your money.

AssetGraphIt has other uses. Do you appreciate the value of your pension plan? Put in your annual pension benefit payments and find out how much you would have had to save to give the same payout.

Default values are supplied when first running AssetGraphIt. Subsequent runs remember the previous values.

You can control the following variables:

  • Principal is the money at the start.
  • Interest (in percent) is your predicted return on the investment.
  • Withdraw is the amount you decide to take out every year.
  • Inflation (in percent) allows you to let the Withdraw grow each year.
  • Tax on Interest (in percent) may be applicable depending on your situation.
  • Tax on Withdraw (in percent) may be applicable depending on your situation.

Normally one of the tax rates is zero. If withdrawing from a government recognized retirement plan, the tax is usually on the Withdraw, but outside a pension plan the Interest is usually taxed.

Press the Done button when the data is entered to view the graph. The x-axis on the graph shows how many years the money will last. The y-axis shows the money.

There is a set of two bars for each year. One bar gives the total of credits for that year: Current value of the Principal plus the current year's Interest. The second bar gives all of the Debits: Withdraw, including Inflation, and the current year's Tax.

Touch a bar to see exact figures for that year.

Warning: The results depend on your predicted values of Interest and Inflation. This graph is a guide, but we recommend talking to financial advisors before changing your lifestyle as a result of using this application.

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